How to use

The Number Rascals are full of mischief and live in tree houses on Star Bear Island.  The tree houses are distinguished by individually coloured and number-shaped front doors.  The Number Rascals give you an extra clue by painting the correct amount of spots on their doors to match their number.

Children must knock the correct number of times to open the door ready for adventures to start.  By doing this, children learn the numeric symbols 1-10 and their properties.

Once inside the house, your imagination can create a limitless array of activities and games to share with your children.

You can read the numbers together with your child and encourage them to count the dots, moving their finger slowly from one to the next as they do so.  In this way they will begin to recognise the number and also associate the quantity with the numeral.  They will also be practising number ordering.

There are different facial expressions on each of the Number Rascals and these help to open conversations about feelings and emotions.

Children often find it difficult to express their feelings and it is a helpful exercise to encourage them to open up and to discuss how they may feel in different situations. It also helps them to understand and appreciate how other children may feel as a result of their words or actions and how to behave in different situations.


There are 10 Number Rascals and 10 tree houses made from durable wipe clean polypropylene, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. They are A5 in size, just right for little hands.  They come in a zippable plastic wallet together with hints and ideas of how to use them.  Manufactured in the UK.

Available on Amazon, or directly from this website.