Star Bear Island Play Mat

How to use

Using the Star Bear Island playmat is a great way to bring yet another dimension to your play and learning and help to bring the characters to life.

Far far away across the sea and hidden in a gentle mist, you will find a magical place called Star Bear Island, home of the Alphabet Bears and Number Rascals.  They live on opposite sides of the Island, the Alphabet Bears to the west and the Number Rascals across the river to the east.

You can ‘travel’ to the island together and make believe you are flying in a plane, paddling a canoe, sailing a ship or anything you choose, to reach it.  While you are doing this you can sing the “Star Bear Island Song”.  This pretend play really captivates children and they are open and interested to learn what will come next.

Exploring the island gives you the perfect chance to talk about all the landmarks you can see and to introduce topics of knowledge and understanding.  It also opens up the opportunity to introduce new language.

The Alphabet Bears and Number Rascals can be moved around the mat, having adventures as they go.  The Number Rascals really are mischiefs and you never quite know what they are going to get up to next!

If storytelling is not one of your skills, do not worry as you will be able to access stories of the Alphabet Bears and Number Rascals via our blog page, which you can share.  They have many adventures together and you will have fun joining them and meeting new friends.


Star Bear printed playmat, sized 700 x 500mm, made from wipe clean durable vinyl.  Manufactured in the U.K.

Available on Amazon or directly from this website.