How to use

The Alphabet Bears are divided into 6 sets of 4, and one set of 2.

The Alphabet Bears will help your child to sequence the alphabet, learn letter names and sounds (phonics) and recognise basic colours and shapes. By joining single sounds together, your child will soon be reading simple words.

Encourage your child to trace the outline of the letters on the bear’s tummies, following the correct formation and repeating the letter sound as you do so.

You can gradually introduce using pencil and paper to replicate the letter shapes.

Try to guess where each bear lives by matching the shape and colour on his tummy to the right house.  How many sides does it have? Are all the sides the same length?  How many other bears live in the same house? Can you make a set? What colour are the bears? What sort of bear do you think they are?

This is another opportunity to introduce new vocabulary and knowledge and understanding of the world as you can talk about different types of bear – their country of origin, their habitat, climate, diet. You can also talk about other animals that might be covered in fur, or animals with different coverings such as scales, prickles etc.

Can you say the alphabet and put all the bears in the right order? Can you say the letter name and then say the sound that letter makes?

The Alphabet Bears love to have adventures on Star Bear Island. Can you think of your own adventures for them?

It is a great way to encourage your children to use their imagination and increase their language skills and vocabulary. You can ask questions or simply let your child play alone with their new friends. You will be amazed to hear their stories and watch their confidence grow as they speak through the Alphabet Bears or Number Rascals. There is no limit to the learning opportunities you can provide for your child. The only limit is your imagination!


There are 26 Alphabet Bears and 7 shaped houses made from durable wipe clean polypropylene, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use.  They are A5 in size, just right for little hands.  Comes in a zippable plastic wallet.  Manufactured in the U.K.

Available on Amazon, or directly from this website.