Improving Literacy & Numeracy Through Play

Children all learn in different ways


Prefer to learn through pictures, images and spatial understanding

Aural (auditory-musical)

Prefer to learn through sound and music

Verbal (linguistic)

Prefer to learn using speech and writing

Physical (kinesthetic)

Prefer to learn using your body, hands and sense of touch.

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Learning through play with Bear Beginnings

Bear Beginnings is a cornerstone of children’s learning.  It helps you to create a solid foundation of literacy and numeracy skills from the beginning.

It takes you on a magical journey to ‘Star Bear Island’, where you and your child can discover together the world of phonics, numbers, colours and shapes through the use of characters and their accompanying stories.

We offer 3 products geared towards learning literacy and numeracy at home.  Each manufactured in the U.K.

Your child will learn a solid framework of vital skills, giving them a head start at school and instilling a lifelong love of learning.


Join us to learn letters, sounds, colours & shapes.

NumberRascals Numbers and Shapes, a complete set to buy


Join us to learn all about numbers.

Star Bear island Playmat

Join us on Star Bear Island.

Improve your child’s literacy and numeracy

By having fun together at home with Bear Beginnings you will be giving your child a great start by providing them with a really strong framework of literacy and numeracy skills on which they can build.

Bear Beginnings is also really helpful to engage older children who may find learning more difficult.  The bright visual content and personification of the characters appeal to children of all ages, holding their concentration and capturing their imagination as they explore the magic of Star Bear Island and its many characters.


What parents think…

‘What a fantastic idea! I love the way the children interact with the characters and make up their own stories. It is so bright and colourful and really seems to engage them all.’

Miss HamiltonParent

‘My son came home saying he had been playing with the Number Rascals and Alphabet Bears. When I asked him the names of some letters, I was amazed! He named them using their correct names. He also showed me how he could count – he told me the Number Rascals helped him because if he was not sure, he just counted their spots. He could not name any numbers before!’

Mrs KingParent

‘I just have to say how wonderful the Number Rascals and Alphabet Bears are at my son’s pre-school. He comes in every day with stories of the teddy’s houses and what tricks the numbers have been up to. We have noticed a big improvement in is colour and shape recognition, and is also pointing out lots of letters and numbers – fantastic!’

Jeannette MayParent

What teachers think…

‘Apart from their purpose of making learning letters, numbers and shapes fun, I have used them to teach children prepositions, to encourage them to follow instructions, i.e. find me a triangle (hunt the shape). I have also used them with children to enable them to touch different textures, I have hidden the letters in sand and shaving foam. I have attached a paper clip to them and then used a magnet on a stick to fish the items out of water. Ideas on how to use them are endless and fun.

I have just begun to use the rhymes with one particular child and so far the result is very positive. He will now come and sit next to me as soon as I take out the box and will be quiet to the end of the rhyme.

We have had endless fun using the Alphabet Bears and Number Rascals and the children love them.’

April HammondSpecial Educational Needs Teacher

‘Bear Beginnings has not only taught my girls their alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours, but it has also allowed them to play with phonic sounds encouraging them to read to put sounds together.

In a recent conversation between the two girls Rebekah asked ‘what letter does cook begin with?’ Lucinda replied, first sounding out the opening and then saying ‘c’. She had recognised the sound from the c bear story about the caterpillar and cocoon that had been read at school that day.

Bear Beginnings not only allows children the freedom to learn and write, it also teaches children to respect others and work together, specifically targeting family values.

As an Assistant Principal in a secondary school, I have all too often seen student pass through the school system without basis skills that should have been embedded in their Early Years Education. Bear Beginnings tackles and succeeds in filling this deficit. Through using it Rebekah and Lucinda’s have progressed in advance of their years.

K SimmsMother, Deputy Principal, PGCE,NPQH

What children think…

‘Wow – They are amazing. I love playing with them because they are really cool – they are lovely to play with and I love them soooo much.’

Florence4 year old

They are so sweet and I love them too. The Number Rascals are so naughty sometimes – they are funny!

Ivan4 year old

‘I just have to say how wonderful the Number Rascals and Alphabet Bears are at my son’s pre-school. He comes in every day with stories ofa‘They are my friends and I love telling stories with them. The Number Rascals do funny things, but the Alphabet Bears tell them off sometimes – the bears are good, sometimes they do funny things as well when they copy the Number Rascals and have sleep overs in each other’s houses – I love them!’

Scarlet4 year old

'I like them because they are cuddly and they help me say my letters. The Number Rascals get up to mischief, they get up in their houses and be rascals!'

Alfie4 year old

learn literacy & numeracy

learn literacy & numeracy

learn literacy & numeracy

learn literacy & numeracy

learn literacy & numeracy